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At NXR, grills are not only affordable but sturdy and solid. It’s a chance for you to step away from work and enjoy some delicious food with friends and family. From features like high BTU burners, electric ignition to LED lights, NXR is famous in customizing design for wholesale and retailers. No matter you are in favor of 2 burner table tops, 3 burner grills to party grills, we have you covered. If you prefer charcoal, we respect your style and will build the right grill with amazing specs as long as you ask!

2 Burner Table Top

0013 Table Top

Drop In Grill 3003

Drop In Grill 300

3 Burner Grill - US

3 Burner Grill - UK

2 Burner T rill

7 Burner Grill

Party Grills

Swing Grill

Combo Grill

NXR Pizza Ovens

NXR wood-fired oven delivers the cooking performance found at many restaurants. Made in all stainless steel, you can pick and choose which is best to add to your home. Whether for releasing your inner chef or entertaining friends and family, the NXR wood-fired oven will be the centerpiece of your backyard.

Pizza Oven with Cart

Pizza Oven with Base